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Our Objectives

We represent the interests of all those involved in pension provision in Guernsey and our members include both employers sponsoring occupational pension schemes and those trustees providing pension arrangements in Guernsey.

This website includes details of GAPP, its Committee, its meetings and pension arrangements in Guernsey. GAPP welcomes feedback and any comments, please contact us.

Note: GAPP is not able to give advice on individual pensions matters. If you require pensions advice then you should consult an Independent Financial Advisor or legal advisor. A list of insurance intermediaries licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission may be found here.



GAPP Member Meeting - 19 June 2024

19 Jun 2024 1215 arrive, 1230 presentation starts

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GAPP welcomes new members and if your Company is interested in becoming a member of GAPP you can apply for membership by downloading the Application Form from the website.

All applications for membership will be subject to the approval of the GAPP Committee.

£300 per annum

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If you’re an international employer looking to provide a company pension scheme for your global employees, then make sure you consider the advantages of an IPP and in particular the specific benefits that schemes from providers in Guernsey can offer.

An international pension plan (IPP) is a pension plan established in an International location, such as Guernsey, which is the home country of neither the employer nor the employees, to provide benefits for the global employees of an international employer.

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If you’re an employer looking to provide a company pension scheme for your local employees, then you can provide tax advantaged arrangements either through an occupational pension scheme or through a multi-member retirement annuity trust scheme (“RATS”).

If you’re a Guernsey resident then you can also provide personal pension provision through a multi-member RATS or an individual RATS.

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Individuals as well as companies may set up international pension plans. For the globally mobile employee, this provides a flexible, multi-national and portable pension plan. The rules are highly flexible and the assets are held in a fiduciary capacity.

The assets in the plan grow free of taxation. Plan benefits are paid gross to members and are not liable to Guernsey tax, unless payable to a resident of Guernsey.

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Our Committee

The GAPP committee is made up of  professionals and experts in the pension industry who volunteer their time to represent the interests of all those involved in pension provision in Guernsey.

Our Committee